Prime Minister Interest Free Loan (PMIFL)

Project Facts

Interest Free Loans (millions)

Loan Provided (millions)-119.4 Million to Female and 84.68 million to Male


Project Briefing

Project Overall Aim

IFL scheme aims to provide interest-free loans to the poor households scoring 0 to 30 on Poverty Score Card (PSC) with an average loan of Rs 22,000 per household to help them come out of the vicious cycle of poverty as well as to improve their livelihood and facilitate them to become empowered both economically and socially. The households having a score range of 0-30, with viable business ideas or opportunities, but little or no access to banks or microcredit institutions are eligible for the Program.

The Specific Objective

  • To provide Interest-Free Loans (IFL) available to men, women, and youth from poor, vulnerable, and marginalized households, so that they may engage in productive economic activities.
  • To improve the lives of poor men & women and allow them to positively contribute to the economy.
  • Establish and/or strengthen Union Council based Community Loan Centers, capable of assessing, distributing, and recovering Interest-Free Loans to those households having poverty score (0-30).
  • Support female participation and inclusion in economic activities, by disbursing at least 50% of the loans to women.


BRSP is implementing interest-Free Loan (IFL) in six districts of Balochistan; District Zhob, Pishin, Killa Abdullah, Kharan, Khuzdar, and Jhal Magsithrough 15 loan centers, where BRSP has fostered community institutions.
The Program is anticipated to provide 86.172 million interest-free loans as a revolving fund to the eligible households.
BRSP has so far provided a total of 9,401 loans and disbursed a total of Rs.202.5 million to eligible beneficiaries from its inception to the end of September 2020, (about 60% of these loans were awarded to women).