Malaria Control Program (MCP)

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Project Briefing

BRSP with the financial funding of Directorate of Malaria Control Program (DoMC) and Indus hospital (TIH) Pakistan is implementing the Malaria Control Program (MCP) in 25 districts of Balochistan since 2016.

Malaria Control Program (MCP) is strategically designed to ensure easy access of at-risk populations to malaria preventive and early diagnosis and treatment services through different settings. The early diagnose and treatment services are carried out at public and private health facilities. Apart from government facilities, private health facilities are also targeted for the provision of early diagnose and treatment services. Following major interventions of MCP;

  • Early Diagnostic and Treatment Services
  • Capacity building of Healthcare Providers
  • Health management information systems and M&E
  • Strengthening of Public Health facilities through provision of Supplies/furniture and fixture.