Management Structure

BRSP is governed by a General Body (GB) and a Board of Directors (BoDs) that consist of 26 GB members and 15 Directors of prominent personalities with diverse backgrounds. In addition, there are two special committees of BoD such as (i) Audit Committee and (ii) Finance, Investment and Human Resources (HR) Committee. The both committees also include representation of two technical experts/Advisors to the BoD. The BoD and members of special committees meet on quarterly basis, while the General Body holds Annual meetings to review organisation’s performance, compliance to policies and procedures and provide strategic direction to the BRSP management.

BRSP management structure comprises of different sections under the overall leadership of the Chief Executive Officer. These sections are:

  • Human & Institutional Development and Livelihood.
  • Education, WASH and Special Projects.
  • Physical Infrastructure and Technology Development (PITD).
  • Natural Resource Management (NRM).
  • Health Nutrition and Disabilities.
  • Planning Monitoring and Research (PMER).
  • Information, Communication & Technology (ICT).
  • Administration, Procurement and HR.
  • Finance & Accounts            and;
  • Internal Audit and Compliances.